Discover our heavenly adult-only dessert creations…

Move over ordinary desserts, turn it up a notch with a boozy creation! Whether its brownies, rocky road or baked goods, adding some Ambra Liqueurs will take your after dinner treat to the next level.

A great way to impress your dinner guests – simply add as a shot on the side or pour over your sweets or add a splash or two in your baking!

From a simple scoop of ice cream with a shot of your favourite Ambra Liqueur to a decadent spiked brownie, you name it! Not matter what your sweet tooth decides on, your dessert is going to taste better than ever!

Here are a few of our favourite idea we’d love to share with you!

Spiked Affogato

Simply add a shot of ANY Ambra liqueur to vanilla ice cream and enjoy an Italian style dessert like you’ve never had before! If you’re more of a dessert queen why not try our Ambra Cappuccino, Ambra Chocolate Orange or Limoncello Cream. Or if you’re a little nutty like us – just add a dash of Ambra Almond!

Ambra Cappuccino

Perfect for an extra kick in the afternoon! Simply add a shot of Ambra Cappuccino in your coffee to make your cup extra cheerful… Did we mention the words ESPRESSO MARTINI? Yep that’s right, this liqueur creates seriously the BEST espressos.

Try this recipe at home:

– 30mL Vodka of your choice
– 30mL Ambra Cappucino
– 30mL Coffee

– Fill glass with ice.
– Pour all ingredients over ice.
– Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass
– Garnish with 3 coffee beans

Why not get a bit creative?

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